You can travel by small fixed wing aircraft from Newquay and Lands End (both year round) or Exeter (March to October only) arriving into the main island of St Mary’s with Isles of Scilly Travel, part of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group. Link Here

The Scillonian III passenger ferry (March to November) is also operated by Isles of Scilly Travel from Penzance once a day – generally leaving Penzance at 9.15am and arriving on St Mary’s (the main island) at 12noon, and departing again at 4.30pm arriving back in Penzance at 7.15pm. Link Here

There is a new option to get to Scilly – flying by helicopter with Penzance Helicopters (year round) from the new, purpose-built heliport at Eastern Green in Penzance into St Mary’s. Link Here

Of course, you can also choose to cruise here under your own steam – in a yacht or private plane. Both the St Mary’s Harbour Master’s Office and Isles of Scilly Airport welcome independent travellers to the islands and will assist you with your plans before you depart and also on your arrival.


If arriving by air, you will be guided to the Arrival/Baggage collection room, where you will be greeted and asked if you wish to take a short minibus ride to your accommodation. This service is currently charged at £4.50 single and will take you and your luggage to immediately outside Quarter Deck. You may alternatively book your own taxi.

If arriving by sea, you will dock on the quay. You may either collect your luggage, or providing it is clearly marked with your name and “Quarter Deck” it will be transported to your accommodation at a charge, currently £1.50 per item. From the quay it is approximately 8 minute walk to Quarter Deck.

Inter Island Transport

Regular boat trips between and around the islands operate from the Quay. Each days timetables are posted on boards outside the Isles of Scilly Steamship office, The Atlantic, The Quay and on St Mary’s Boatmen’s Association website Link Here.

Additional regular boats are operated by Tresco Boat Services, who also offer “Specials” at additional cost Link Here.